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Mineral Water Spray

Mineral water spray with an ultra-gentle fine mist produced by Royal Canadian Laboratories rehydrates and revives the upper layers of your skin. A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime for showers of thirsty skin relief. Royal Canadian Laboratories atomizer produces millions of tiny micro-droplets.

Mineral Water Spray from Royal Canadian LaboratoriesMineral Water Facial Spray - Ultra Gentle

Cleansers and lotions are beautifully marketed as the solution for all skin types. Though quick fixes can be attractive and tempting they often come with a high price tag and effectiveness is not guaranteed. Mineral water spray is one of these products that is affordable and does work. The simplicity and price might make consumers think it doesn't work because we are used to paying a high price for any product that is related to beauty or anti-aging and delivers visible results over time and when used in combination with other product. The multi-purpose nature of this product and the fact that it is easy to find and afford makes it an indispensable addition to skin care routines.

Mineral water facial spray is not a new product but has been used for decades, even centuries in some cases, as a treatment for burns and inflammatory skin conditions. More recently it has been used as a source of on-the-go hydration for fashion models, travellers and people from the cosmetic industry. The surge in interest seen in the past decade has been fuelled by the increase in demand for pure products, naturally sourced, that work without the use of harmful chemical additives. Modern consumers want great products for themselves and their families. They want natural, simple and elegant products, like mineral water spray, that are derived from natural sources and are free from preservatives and other additives that are detrimental to overall health.

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Mineral Water Spray 

mineral water sprayProducts that do work and fit into any budget are sometimes overlooked, besides wanting products to just be organic, the growing demand is for brands naturally sourced the ingredients and not test on animals. Younger consumers are the driving force behind this new market. They are educated on the importance of avoiding the absorption of endocrine disrupting chemicals used by the major brands in skincare and cosmetics industry. Water face spray with a perfect balance of minerals and a neutral pH is a product you can use daily to hydrate and fortify the skin to fight the everyday aggressors in our environment. Finding a great mineral water spray is easy, it will be the one that is the highest quality, pH balanced and rich in trace elements like magnesium, the antioxidant selenium and other trace minerals which are nutrients for the skin. Facial spray water benefits have been discovered, through scientific research, to be effective in combating the signs of premature aging. Through decades of use there is a wealth of anecdotal testimony and research studies that verify the powerful antioxidant and soothing properties.

Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray

facial spray with mineral water Royal Canadian Facial Spray is a Naturally Active Soothing Source for Sensitive Skin

Mineral water spray was developed in the 20th century as a dermatological treatment for use by doctors and nurses in hospitals for patients with burns and has grown in importance and popularity as the benefits of this mineral have become more widely understood. And subsequently, this simple, natural product has become an essential and important part of skin care routines for millions of people worldwide. Mineral water with unique combinations of mineral salts and trace elements have been scientifically demonstrated for its calming and soothing properties and has been used throughout in Europe for centuries. It has been used to help refresh the skin, ease discomfort, sooth irritated skin and help protects the skin from the harsh environments.


Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray - 100% All Natural

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Mineral Water Spray from Royal Canadian Laboratories

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Good facial sprays should be the product with the shortest list of ingredients. This face spray is naturally sourced and contains beneficial nutrients that are like food for the skin and they are free of damaging toxins. Some additives used by big cosmetic brand are animal fats, petrochemicals and parabens which are not what humans should allow to absorb into the skin. The pureness and simplicity of this product creates the morning skincare regimen an easy and healthful start to the day. There are other types of hydrating mist and toners on the market. These are made with water and enhanced with natural additives that target specific skin issues. The lack of any harmful additives means that at the very least this array of product can do no harm.

It is never a good idea to use any product which has ingredients you haven't heard. A mineral water spray review recently published stated that some cosmetics do more harm to your skin because of the additives than if you left the condition untreated. The absolute finest mineral water for face according to the author, contained and good balance of trace elements like magnesium and selenium which can help nourish the skin and strengthen it against air pollution bad air environments like office and airliners.

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Regular use of mineral water spray with limited ingredients is essential to ensure your skin is only absorbing what you intended it to absorb, is safe and effective, perfect for use by the whole family. 

From adults to babies sensitive skin, this is a product with multiple purposes that will quickly become indispensable to your family. Therefore, if a product is to be trusted with the daily hydration and soothing of your family's skin it should be the highest quality that exists on the market. Be sure to choose one that is sourced from nature, without harmful additives and cruelty free. Then it has earned its place on your bathroom shelf.

What is mineral water spray ?

Mineral water spray is water from a natural mineral water aquifer that contains various minerals, such as natural salts, which is then aerosolized with nitrogen, to produce a cool soft spray. Royal Canadian mineral water spray was developed by Royal Canadian Laboratories and uses 100% natural mineral water from the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada.

what is mineral water spray ?


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