Mineral Water Spray Face

mineral water spray faceMineral Water Spray Face

Here is a step-by-step way to best use mineral water face spray:

  1. After cleansing your face and patting dry.
  2. Spray face liberally holding can 6-8 inches away from your face.
  3. Allow the mineral water facial spray to penetrate for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Blot excess water lightly with a tissue or towel.
  5. Apply moisturizer to seal in the goodness.

Mineral water spray provides an instant cooling effect and helps provide essential hydration and minerals. 


Mineral water spray benefits can be felt immediately, the ultra-gentle facial mist instantly cools and helps hydrate your skins upper surface. Royal Canadian mineral water face spray is 100% natural and has a unique balance of beneficial minerals.

Top 10 Uses of Mineral Water Face Spray

One of the greatest gifts of nature to us is Water. It holds endless benefits and uses for humans and other living organisms alike. Water helps speed up several functions in our body, strengthens our body’s defense mechanism and the list goes on. Water is also a great source for the nutrients to enter the body because of its property to enter bloodstream faster. When you add minerals to water, it becomes a great source to introduce nutrients to our system. Mineral water with all its vital nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Iron is very beneficial for our body.

Insights on Mineral Water Face Spray:

When it comes to cosmetic products, the market is bursting with all kinds of brands offering all kinds of beauty articles with endless claims to benefit you in incredible ways. We all know how true these claims are in reality. Well, what can you really expect from a highly concentrated chemical product? On the contrary, mineral water face spray is a natural product which contains a number of minerals fused with water. It proves great in cleansing your skin of impurities and making it clear and pure from inside; glowing and beautiful from the outside. This product is a blessing, yet so affordable and simple. This simple yet revolutionary product can do miracles to your skin. The fashion world has come to understand the true importance of mineral water sprays, and uses it for treating models. It holds many basic uses for a common person. Let’s discuss some of the main mineral water spray face and body uses.

how to use mineral water spray ?

Top 10 uses for Mineral Water Face Spray:

1. After Shave:  For men, facial water spray uses includes using it as an after shave spray. The natural components give you a soothing sensation after you are done with shaving.

2. Diaper Rash:  Water face spray uses are not just limited to facial use. These mineral sprays are also great for spraying babies as a treatment for diaper rash.

3. Makeup removal:  One of the main uses of mineral water facial spray includes its properties to clean your skin from chemically induced make up products.

4. Post-surgery:  The mineral water has many benefits including its healing and refreshing aura. This proves great for post-surgery patients for keeping them clean and fresh.

5. Travel companion:  During travel you are exposed to dust and other harmful elements. Spray on a facial mineral spray and create a protective shield over your face.

6. After sports:  After sports, spray the mineral water on to get rid of bad odor causing bacteria in sweat. Plus it keeps your skin lively and fresh.

7. Damaged Skin:  Water face spray uses include its characteristic of being great to treat damaged skin. It clears all the germs and aids in the healing process.

8. Redness:  Adding to the facial water spray uses, it is a great remedy for redness of your skin caused by irritation. It goes deep in your skin and cleans out impurities.

9. After hair removal: After hair removal, your skin is very sensitive. Spray on some mineral water spray to keep it safe.

10. Sunburn:  Cools the skin after sunburn.

mineral waters spray for face

Mineral water face spray has other uses too:

  1. mineral water facial spray face mistTo get that look of dewy, baby soft skin that you love, spray over your face just after makeup application to set it in place.
  2. This step makes finishing powder look less chalky and more natural and healthy.
  3. For this use it is better to lightly mist from further away to avoid smudging makeup.
  4. Repeat this throughout the day to refresh and revive your makeup!

Labels on mineral water spray face products have great suggestions for a multitude of uses for this dynamic product. Remember to read the mineral water spray review sections on the product cans for tips and suggestions. Mineral water face mist with natural mineral water one of the best natural skin care products for your skin. It feels like you spraying a refreshing cold mist on your face and the mineral-rich water is immediately soothing to the skin. Face mist naturally rich in minerals will not only do a midday spritz to wake us up, but it can also instantly calm irritated skin and revitalize a dull complexion. Mineral water face mist can nourish thirsty skin all day long and their benefits go way past a simple moisturizer. These toning, priming and beautifying skin wonders soothe irritated skin, cool down warm complexions, can help protect against pollution and sun and set makeup in place. These are one of the best natural face mist products on the market today.

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