Benefits of Face Mist

What are the benefits of using face mist?

Here is a list of the top five reasons face mist is a beneficial addition to your skin care routine:

  • Face Mist Benefits

1. Hydration 
Misting sprays when used properly, provide a hydration layer on the skin which can last all day. These products work best when sprayed, blotted and locked in with a moisturizer. This will trap all the beneficial elements where you want them, force them to be absorbed, and stop evaporation. Mists with added oils do not require blotting or sealing and can be used on their own. 

2. Rejuvenation
 benefits of facial mistA light misting and blotting can revive your tired face or refresh your makeup after your long flight or tiring day. There are few places that have more dehydrated and stale air circulating than airliners and office buildings. Lightly mist throughout the day to feel rejuvenated.

3. Prevention and protection
A face mist with a good mineral composition, particularly high in antioxidant elements like Selenium, can help to restore skin’s pH balance. Mineral-rich water can also strengthen the skin’s defenses against environmental pollutants.

4. Soothing
Mist can be useful for soothing many skin irritations. Use on razor burn, soothe sunburned skin, or use to cool down while on the beach. Also, refrigerated facial mist has been shown to alleviate the hot flash symptoms caused by menopause.

4. Reviving and Setting makeup
Face mist can be used both pre and post makeup application. Locking in the benefits of face mist with moisturizer provides a perfect canvass on which to apply makeup. Misting the final top powdery layer can help achieve the much sought dew-like complexion and keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

"Its unique combination of rich minerals now gives the consumer a new resource for soothing and protecting the epidermis without the use of additives and other chemicals that do more harm than good."

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