Best Face Mist

What is the best face mist?

best face mist

A good way to determine what makes the best face mist is to follow the rules you might with other food and beauty products. 

best face mist spray

The fewer ingredients, the better: Pure water, high in minerals, with only one ingredient is a good choice.

For enhanced mists, choose a face mist that has the naturally-sourced, pure ingredients you are looking for to treat or soothe your skin, such as floral essences, therapeutic oils, or hyaluronic acid, and be wary of anything else on the label. Best Face Mist Spray products that are high in quality and effectiveness do not have to rely on dozens of additives. Added fragrance and emulsifiers, animal fats and parabens, petrochemicals and other toxins like BHA and BHT, coal tar dyes, and PEG compounds, enhance the look, aroma, or shelf life of a product, but can be very harmful to humans.

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Using natural products with minimal ingredients is a great way to be sure you are absorbing or consuming the actual ingredient you wanted without the endocrine disruptive and cancer-causing additives you didn’t know were along for the ride.

The Best Face Mists are “Not Tested on Animals” Bunny Logo.And while you’re at it, if you are the type of person making product choices based on the purity of ingredients and lack of additives, you might want to take one step further and only purchase products that have not been tested on animals. Animal testing is often unreliable and unscientific... and unnecessary. In fact it is completely banned for the cosmetic industry in the 28 countries of the EU, including the UK.

face mist not tested on animalsTo summarize, the best face mists have a handful of ingredients or less, are cruelty free and have pure and natural, effective ingredients.

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