What is face mist?

What is face mist?

First developed as a dermatological product for use in hospitals for patients with burns, face mist quickly became an important part of skin care routines and a refreshing antidote for travel fatigue. The cosmetic industry studied the way moisture could be locked in and how young and dewy skin could look and feel as a result. They loved it. As a result over the past 20 years face mists have become as widely used as toner or moisturizer. What is new about face mist is the ever-growing range and quality of the new generation of products on the market today. From exotic plant essences to caffeine, the additives and options for spritzing are staggering.

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What is the best face mist?

For all of these products the main ingredient is water. However, the type of water, the purity and mineral composition varies greatly.

What are face mists?Some of the most popular “water only” face mists have no added ingredients but high concentrations of naturally occurring antioxidants which protect against skin aggressors like pollution and help to fix many skin conditions at the source. The other category of mists and toners have added oils, essences and fragrances, and are marketed for specific skin conditions or concerns; oily skin, redness, dryness, aging skin.

What are the uses of Face Mist?

Whatever you choose however, you will find this simple product an easy and effective addition to your skin care routine.

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