What is the best Hydrating Mist?

Best Hydrating Mist

The answer to the question “what is the best hydrating mist?” is a simple one.

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The best face mist spray is the one that conforms to the rules of all great food and beauty products. The best will be the one with the shortest list of ingredients. And in the best mist, those ingredients will all be naturally sourced, organic, and cruelty free.

Pure mineral water, with a good balance of beneficial elements, has only one ingredient, water, and is a good choice for a hydrating mist.

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This variety should be topped with moisturizer to prevent evaporation. For enhanced mists, choose a hydrating facial mist that has the active additives you are looking for to treat your specific skin issues. Common additives such as floral essences, serums, therapeutic extracts, or hyaluronic acid, are all good and will probably do what the label says, but be wary if there is anything else on the label that you don’t recognize.

What is the Best Hydrating Mist?

The best mist will be of the highest quality and not contain sneaky harmful additives that will cause the hydrating mist to cause more harm than good. Using a hydrating facial mist with minimal ingredients is the only way to ensure you are absorbing the desired effective ingredients.

Straight from the natural, mineral rich aquifer in Ontario, Canada, which is the source for its mineral water, the new hydrating mist contains an unique mineral balance and a neutral pH.Royal Canadian Laboratories, known for its naturally rich mineral water, has developed a new facial hydrating mist safe for use on all skin types.

"This water found deep beneath the earth's surface is very high in rare minerals, like Selenium, which quench and protect thirsty skin."

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"Just like the feeling of running through a backyard sprinkler as a child on a summer day, or standing near a waterfall, the instant, cooling freshness of hydrating mists gives instant rejuvenation and energy to the skin making it more receptive to other moisturizers."

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It also protects against the damage caused by free radical activity.

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Free radicals are created at an atomic level by exposure to pollution and UV light and are a leading cause of oxidation.  

This process leads to disruptions in collagen production, the leading cause of premature wrinkles.